What is a workspace?

A Stills workspace is where you manage crucial aspects of your account, such as memberships, licenses, teams, and payment methods. It offers a centralized hub for seamless management and easy access to essential areas of your Stills experience.

Did you know?

Although you are an owner of your workspace, you can also be invited as a member to multiple workspaces. This feature facilitates seamless collaboration and efficient project management.

How do I setup my workspace?

By default your workspace is setup when you create an account. All you need to do is name your workspace!

Naming a workspace is easy:

  1. Go to the account dropdown in the top right
  2. Select Setup New Workspace from the menu
  3. Enter your workspace name in the modal

Important: You can always change the name of your workspace by clicking the edit icon (pencil) to the right of your workspace name.

How can I invite team members?

Inviting team members is simple and can be done directly from the the teams page. To find out more details on how invite your team checkout: How do I add my team?