What are Boards?

Boards offer a beautiful solution for organizing and storing all your images in a centralized location. It’s an ideal tool for efficient and creative workflows. Seamlessly collaborate with your team or clients and personalize your view to match the project's aesthetic.

Every Stills account will come with access to 1 board. If you would like to increase the amount of board access you have, check out our membership options here.

To get started with Boards, click here.

How do I save an image to my Board?


  1. Hover over an image to + Save or click on the image to open the page view and + Save
  2. Choose a Board to save your image to:
    • Select a board from a list of your existing boards
    • Click Start New Board to create and name the new board

Customizing My Board

Customizing your boards on Stills allows you to tailor a custom experience for your project's needs.

On the floating customization bar located at the bottom of the screen, you can adjust the padding and image size settings to create visually appealing displays and easily reorder images to tell a compelling visual story. Add meaningful titles and descriptions, while changing background and text colors to match your branding.

Sharing a Board

Once you’ve created your board, you can preview your board or share your creation with the pitch preview feature.

With Stills' versatile customization and sharing options, your boards will reflect your unique creative vision that you are able to pass along to clients and your team. All helping you get to approvals quicker than before.